Butter Meringue Cookies

Butter Meringue Cookie

How about a flavorful crunchy cookie with a glass of milk? Butter cookies loved by children! Put them in a pretty bag to give to your friends as a gift.

Butter (100g), Brown sugar (110g)
(For dough 80 g/for meringue 30 g),
2 eggs,200g cake flour, Milk (20g)

1. Sieve cake flour finely and cut the butter into pieces.
2. Add the flour and butter, brown sugar, eggs, meringue and milk in to the blender. Turn the dial to Menu 2 and press DOUGH.
3. Pour the mixture into a bowl. Roll out the dough to get a 5mm thickness and cookie press the dough.
Bake them in an oven for 12~14 minutes at 170°C. Let the cookies cool for about 2 minutes.

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