What Are Whole Slow Juicers?

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers are masticating slow juicers equipped with a wide feed chute to accommodate whole ingredients. Less chopping is required, saving you time and energy. Kuvings was the first juicer company to patent this design. To compare commercial slow juicers (juicers for business), click here.






100oz hopper for convenient pre-loading and hands-free juicing, ideal for large-batch processing

Auto-Cut Chute for long ingredients like carrots and celery

Flip gate chute, smoothie strainer included

Upgraded interior, extra accessories included






Payment plans

Quiet operation

Easy to clean


15 yrs

15 yrs

10 yrs

10 yrs

Max use

45 min

45 min

30 min

30 min

Recipe book

Wide chute





Auto hopper

Auto-cut chute

Flip gate chute

Sorbet strainer

Smoothie strainer

Sold Separately

Citrus attachment

Sold Separately

Sold Separately

Sold Separately

Sold Separately



Pulp strainer


Cold-Pressed Juice

Celery Juice

Nut & Oat Milk




Baby food

Nut butter


10 x 8 x 18"

10 x 8 x 19"

8 x 9.5 x 19”

9 x 8 x 17.5”


16.5 lbs

16.5 lbs

16 lbs

15 lbs


60 rpm


110-120 V, 60 Hz, 240W


ULTEM™, Tritan™, ABS, PC, Stainless Steel (STS304)

*Available with attachment sold separately.

Differences Between the REVO830, EVO820, C7000, and B6000 Models


The B6000 and C7000 models have a 3-inch wide feed chute with a small “fin” protruding from the middle of the chute for safety. So, when inserting an apple into the B6000 or C7000, a pusher (included) is needed to glide the apple through the safety fin into the juicing screw.

The EVO820, however, has a 3.2-inch flip gate feed chute. The flip gate drops ingredients into the chute, eliminating the need for a safety fin. This way, you can simply drop an apple down the feed chute without using a pusher. The flip gate can also lock into place, providing a more narrow guide for inserting leafy greens.

Additionally, the EVO820 has the newest parts and motor design. It also comes with a smoothie strainer and sorbet maker, whereas the B6000 and C7000 only come with a sorbet maker.

Our newest and most advanced juicer is the REVO830. Like the EVO820, it has a flip gate feed chute, but it’s 3.5 inches wide instead of 3.2 inches. The REVO830 is unique because it has a narrow Auto-Cut Chute designed to juice perfect portions of carrots and celery at a time. The auger (screw) is equipped with a chopping mechanism to take small “bites” out of ingredients placed in Auto-Cut Chute. The REVO830 also includes a smoothie strainer and sorbet strainer, and has an updated body and juicing components.


Differences Between the EVO820 and the REVO830

Both models feature a flip gate feed chute for inserting whole ingredients. The EVO820 has a 3.2-inch feed chute and the REVO830 has a slightly larger 3.5-inch feed chute. However, the REVO830 is also equipped with a narrow Auto-Cut Chute, specifically designed for carrots and celery. Long, fibrous ingredients inserted in the Auto-Cut Chute are chopped by the upgraded auger, which is equipped with a cutting mechanism.

The REVO830 also has wider pulp and juice spouts, a larger body, and sleeker juice/pulp cups than the EVO820.

Difference Between the C7000 and the B6000

The B6000 is the first Whole Slow Juicer design. The C7000 retains the classic shape and functionality of the B6000, but the internal parts are redesigned for improved yield and ease of cleaning. It also includes the hopper and pulp strainer accessories for easier juicing.

Do you have any questions? Contact us or email us at support@kuvings.com, and we will be happy to assist you!