If you want, you can add a tracking value to each ShareASale link you create. For example, you can create 1 ShareASale link for Linktree and 1 ShareASale link for youtube so you can track the click source for content optimization.

To do this, please follow the instruction below. If you are creating more than 1 tracking value, you would just have to repeat these.

  1. Please go to ShareASale custom link page

    Then select 'Create Custom Links'

  2. Paste the URL of the page you want to send your customers to.
    If you have a discount embeded link, you can paste the link here as well. 
  3. Add a tracking value. You can put the source of the content (ex. youtube)  or name of any special campaign (ex. may_giveaway) you are running and want to track separately. 
  4. You now have the shareasale link that can track the value you added. Place in where applicable and repeat this process if you are creating multiple tracking values.