1. How To Showcase the CB1000's Features
  2. Unique CB1000 Features
  3. Additional Features
  4. What is the CB1000?
  5. Additional Info

CB1000 Product Page

1. How To Showcase the CB1000's Features:

  • Activate the automatic enclosure and vacuum function (circled buttons).

  • Layer ingredients in this order from bottom to top in blender container: 

    • Liquid → leafy greens → soft ingredients → hard ingredients → ice

  • Do not fill above max capacity line to let the vacuum pull out the air.

CB1000 max line automatic enclosure and vacuum buttons
  • When going to blend, point out the soundproof enclosure barely making a noise.

  • Film a close-up shot of the auto vacuum sealing. This is seen with the presence of bubbles and the volume slightly increasing.

  • Show the blending.

  • If visible, film a close-up shot of the volume decreasing/contents settling when it’s done blending.

  • Point out how the Quick-Start button opened and closed the automatic cover and started the blending all on its own (hands-free and one-touch process).

  • Mention that the process took only 25 seconds.

  • Pour the drink into a clear glass.

  • Compare the lack of foam in the drink made with the CB1000 and the presence of foam in a drink made without using the vacuum function.

  • If your drink will visibly brown quickly, you can show the difference in browning speeds.

  • To re-blend your beverage with vacuum:

    • Remove the container from the base.

    • Open the flap on the container lid and ensure the circled areas are clean and dry.

    • Close the flap.

    • Place the container back on the base.

CB1000 vacuum flap lid

2. Unique CB1000 Features:

  • Built-in vacuum pump to remove air before blending to create a foam-free texture.

  • 25-second vacuum & blend cycle time to create quality beverages, fast.

  • Automatic cover to open and close hands-free.

  • Quick-Start button to start the automatic blending process with just one touch.

  • Soundproof enclosure to drastically reduce noise for a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Asymmetrical container base to create smoother, more even blends

3. Additional Features:

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel blades.

  • Safety sensor to detect when the container is placed securely on the base.

  • BPA-free blending container to protect beverages from unwanted chemicals.

  • ETL Sanitation certified for commercial use.

  • A 1-year limited warranty.

  • Recipe book for inspiration.

4. What is the CB1000?

The CB1000 is the newest Auto Vacuum Blender from Kuvings. It is different and better than a traditional, non-vacuum blender because it has built-in vacuum technology that removes air from the blending container before blending. This results in beverages that last longer, taste fresher, and contain less foam than beverages made with traditional, non-vacuum blenders.

Although the vacuum technology is an added step to the blending process, it does not lengthen the blending time. The process takes 25 seconds regardless of whether the vacuum feature is used. The CB1000 is also quiet with its soundproof enclosure and hands-free with its Quick-Start button and automatic cover.

Like our other blenders, the CB1000 can crush and liquify ingredients quickly and create silky-smooth creations.

5. Additional Info:

  • The CB1000 is currently available for purchase.

  • Kuvings offers monthly and split pay options with ShopPay, Afterpay, Affirm, and more.

  • Kuvings offers free shipping to the contiguous US.

  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Refer to these videos for proper operation and showcasing of features: