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Product Weight
Juicing Bowl Capacity
Feed Chute Size
Flap Gate Feed Chute
Auto Feed
Safety Start System
BPA - Free Parts
Recipe Books
Juice Cup + Pulp Cup
Juice Cap
Cleaning Tool
Juice Strainer
Sorbet Strainer
(Blank Strainer)
Coarse Strainer
Pulp Strainer
Smoothie Strainer
Included with B6000PR
Lid Opener
Leather - Like Finish

What is the difference between EVO820 and B6000/C7000?

The biggest difference between the three models is the feed chute where ingredients are inserted. The B6000 and C7000 models have a 3" wide feed chute with a small “fin” protruding from the middle of the chute for safety. So, when inserting an apple into the B6000 or C7000, a pusher (included) is needed to glide the apple through the safety fin into the juicer. The EVO820, however, has a 3.2” flap gate feed chute. The flap gate drops ingredients into the chute, eliminating the need for a safety fin. This way, you can simply drop an apple down the feed chute without using a pusher. The flap gate can also lock into place, providing a more narrow guide for inserting leafy greens. Overall, EVO820 has the newest parts and motor design. It also comes with a smoothie strainer and sorbet maker, whereas the B6000 and C7000 only come with a sorbet maker.

What's the difference between the B6000 and C7000?

The two models are very alike, but C7000 is a later version of the B6000. The C7000 comes with a hopper, a flat-top funnel, that can be placed over the feed chute opening. The hopper makes it easy to place small items, like grapes, into the juicer. The C7000 also comes with a pulp strainer to place over the juice cup. This filters out any extra pulp within the juice.The B6000 does not come with these accessories. Generally, the C7000 contains all-around updates to the juicing parts for better yield and efficiency. The B6000 is our original whole slow juicer model and is now available for about $50 less than the C7000 juicer.