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Transform Your Diet Forever With The World's Easiest & Most Nutritious Juicer

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The critically acclaimed, award-winning cold press juicer is now available for your home.




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Don’t Settle for a Subpar Juicer

Ordinary juicers are loud, messy, and destroy nutrients with heat. Don't settle for subpar. Instead, invest in your health with a durable, high-quality juicer that will transform your diet forever.

Ordinary juicers are loud, messy, and destroy nutrients with heat. Don't settle for subpar. Instead, invest in your health with a durable, high-quality juicer that will transform your diet forever.

The Versatile 3-in-1 Multipurpose Juicer Creates:

Cold-Pressed Juices

Add nutritious fruits and vegetables to your diet with 100% pure juice.

Nut & Oat Milks

Make your own fresh nut milks in minutes, with none of the added preservatives in store-bought milks


Craving fresh raspberry sorbet? Make your own healthy frozen dessert at home


Create smoothies loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Meaningful Innovation
Healthier Juice



Heat and oxygen damage juice. They destroy the fragile nutrients you're trying to extract.

Our slow masticating technology minimizes heat and oxidation, preserving more nutrients from every fruit and vegetable.

Incredible Reviews from Healthy & Happy Customers

"This is an excellent juicer. I would've given it 5 stars if the pulp whole was bigger on the juice strainer. Things tend to get backed up sometimes. Other than that, I love my juicer."

Derek J. Verified Buyer

"Great!! Love my juicer!. Quality of it is top of the line as I'd hoped for. Researched for a couple weeks before deciding on this beauty!"

Sherisse B Verified Buyer

"Life changing...Knowing it will be in our life for at least 10 years with the warranty is definitely a plus!"

Erik E. Verified Buyer

"I absolutely love my Kuvings!! Now everyone wants me to juice for them!! It was a Mother's day gift from my children!!"

Susan W. Verified Buyer

"From juices to Smoothies to sorbets ......amazing. Today is day 1 for me with this lady. So so easy to operate and so easy to clean."

Sandra Verified Buyer

"Great quality, easy to clean. Very very happy with this investment ... i am using it every day and cannot be happier.."

Vladana S. Verified Buyer

The World's Most Innovative Juicer

3.2" Wide Feed Chute

The EVO820 has the largest feed chute of any home juicer, reducing prep time by accommodating whole ingredients—no need to chop up large fruits and vegetables.

2-Way Flip Gate

Two-way flip gate effortlessly drops ingredients into the juicer, and locks into place to create a smaller opening for leafy greens.

Beautiful, Smart Design

Stylish, leather-like finish that comes in 4 beautiful colors? Check. Smartly designed to fit under most kitchen countertops? Check. Easily disassembled for super-quick cleaning? Check.

Powerful Motor

Quiet 240-watt motor generates a large amount of force at a low speed, effortlessly crushing hard ingredients like root vegetables.

All the Attachments You Need

No matter what you want to make with your EVO820, we’ve included everything you need to make healthy and delicious green smoothies, almond milk, wheatgrass, sorbets—you name it. You’ll even receive a specially designed cleaning tool and 2 additional brushes for incredibly quick cleanup.

Protected For 10 Years

The Kuvings EVO820 is so well-made and durable that we provide a 10-year limited warranty, ensuring that your new juicer will be a staple in your kitchen for the next decade and beyond. If anything happens to your EVO820, just let us know and we'll replace or repair it for you.

Make Delicious, Nutrient-Dense Juices With The Kuvings EVO820

  • Reduces Chopping
  • Easy Cleaning
415 reviews

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10 Year Warranty

Dimensions 8 x 9.5 x 19 inches
Weight 16 lbs
RPM 60 rpm
Voltage 110-120 V, 60 Hz, 240W
Materials ULTEM™, Tritan™, ABS, PC, Stainless Steel (STS304)
Warranty 10-Year Limited Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the EVO820 Juicer?
The EVO820 has a 3.2-inch flip gate feed chute. The flip gate drops ingredients into the chute, eliminating the need for a safety fin. This way, you can simply drop an apple down the feed chute without using a pusher. The flip gate can also lock into place, providing a more narrow guide for inserting leafy greens. Overall, EVO820 has the newest parts and motor design. It also comes with a smoothie strainer and sorbet maker.
How easy is it to clean the juicer?
It’s very easy! For a quick rinse between recipes, simply run water through the machine with the juice cap closed, then empty the water. For cleaning, we provide a special cleaning tool and brushes to make the cleanup process fast and easy. Here's a short video to help you get started.
Is the juicer dishwasher safe?
Our products use BPA-free Tritan™, so they are not dishwasher-safe. Instead, handwash the parts with mild soap and cold water. For a deep clean, spray the parts with white vinegar and wipe thoroughly. Here's a short video to help you get started.
How are Kuvings juicers different from other juicers on the market?
For over 43 years, Kuvings has been creating appliances for healthy living. We were the first juicer company to introduce a wide mouth feed chute, which allows fruits and vegetables to be juiced without pre-cutting. This patented wide mouth design reduces prep time for quick and easy juicing. We also manufacture our own products, so we have an in-depth understanding of how our machines are designed and built. The quality of our products is guaranteed with our flexible 10-year warranty program.

All whole slow juicers include a special cleaning tool for cleaning the strainer, and a blank strainer for making sorbets. Our juicers are very versatile—you can make juices, smoothies, sorbets & frozen desserts, and instant nut milks!
How long can I store my juice?
Juice is best enjoyed right away to maximize the nutritional benefits, but it can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 72 hours. Separation may occur, but that is due to pulp settling within the juice, not oxidation.
Where are your products made?
Our products are developed and manufactured at our own facility in South Korea. Celebrating 40 years of innovation, we are proud to be part of a community that centers around health and wellness.
Are your juicers cold press?
None of our slow juicers generate heat, so they are considered cold press. They don't have a hydraulic press like traditional cold press juicers, but instead they use a heavy auger to gently crush and press ingredients without generating heat. It's the most compact and affordable way to make cold-pressed juice at home.
What justifies the price point?
A great juicer is an investment in your health, and Kuvings juicers are built to last. We use high-quality materials, such as Tritan™ and ULTEM™, to build powerful and durable products. Our flexible 10-year warranty reflects our commitment to quality and customer service.

We are also proud of our machines' versatility. Our whole slow juicers can extract juice, make smoothies, create instant nut milks, and produce sorbets. Whole slow juicers start at $399, and we offer monthly payment plans to make our products accessible to everyone.
Why are your products called masticating juicers?
"Masticate" means "chew," and that's essentially how our slow juicers process ingredients. Masticating juicers crush and press ingredients to extract juice, similar to how we chew our food. This is in contrast to centrifugal juicers, which use a spinning blade to grate ingredients. Centrifugal juicers generate heat and air, which can damage nutritional properties of the juice. Masticating juicers keep the maximum amount of nutrients intact.
Does juicing fruits and vegetables remove their fiber content?
There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Fruit and vegetable juice contains soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels, and more. The pulp contains insoluble fiber, which simply adds bulk to your stool. A balanced diet contains both types of fiber, but juicing is a great way to absorb a large amount of soluble fiber without filling your stomach with insoluble fiber.
Does the juicer come with recipes?
All home use juicers come with a recipe book.
Are your juicers loud?
Slow juicers are also known as "silent juicers" because the motor turns more slowly, creating less noise than traditional high-speed juicers. Of course, our juicers are not completely silent, but they're far less noisy than high-speed juicers and blenders. The noise is at about conversation level.
Why are your juicers called "slow juicers?" Are they actually slow?
They may be called "slow juicers," but vertical masticating machines extract juice just as quickly as "high-speed" juicers. They're called slow juicers because they only need 50-60 rotations per minute to gently crush and press ingredients. High-speed juicers need to operate at 10,000 rotations per minute to finely chop ingredients.
How long will it take to get my order?
Orders placed during regular business hours are typically processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Once shipped, expected delivery lead time is 2-7 business days. All orders shipped to the contiguous U.S. will ship via Ground UPS.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes. You can check out with Paypal Credit or Affirm. To use either, you need pre-approval.
How do I check the status of my order?
Please login to your account here to check the status of your order and shipment.
How much is the shipping fee?
We currently offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous U.S. states. For Hawaii and Alaska, there is a $30 flat shipping fee.
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes, we ship select items to Canada via FedEx and Canada Post. You can use the shipping fee estimator in the cart to calculate approximate cost, but you will be given a more accurate shipping charge at checkout. Please note that we do not collect tax, duty or clearance fees, so you would be responsible for those billed by the shipping carrier.
Do I have to ship my product back to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement?
You'd have to ship your product to our support center in Chicago. The turnaround is usually 2 weeks, transit included. None of our retailers have the ability to do repairs or replacements.
What is your return policy?
If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your household product within 30 days, and your commercial product within 14 days. We only accept returns for products directly purchased from
What is the warranty on the EVO820 Juicer?
We offer a 10-year warranty program.