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Adrianne's Story

Adrianne juiced with high-speed juicers for nearly a decade, but their problems always outweighed their product. When she made the switch to a Kuvings EVO820, Adrianne started living a healthier life.

Meet Adrianne!

Location: Dallas, TX
Product She Uses: EVO820
Favorite Ingredients: Spinach, kale, collard greens, apple, pineapple, sweet potato

Choosing Kuvings

I burned out two high-speed juicers. I knew that I needed to upgrade to something that was more efficient. I needed something that could give me the most nutrients out of my juice. Also, I needed something as easy and palatable as possible, because I knew this time that this was going to be a lifestyle change. 

So, I went into this obsession of searching for juicers for probably 3 or 4 months, because I wanted to make sure I made the right purchase. Kuvings kept coming up in every article: “the top 10 juicers,” “if you’re looking for a slow masticating juicer,” “if you’re looking for a whole fruit juicer.” That’s what piqued my interest in a Kuvings juicer. 

Because my lifestyle is so busy—I’m a realtor, I’m very involved in church, I have a yard party business, and I teach etiquette on the side—I have every reason in the world to say, “No, I’m not pulling the juicer out today.” I needed a machine that would help me eliminate the excuses. And that’s what Kuvings did.

A Lifestyle Upgrade

Switching over to a new juicer was huge. I kept thinking, “What if this doesn’t work and I put it back in the garage again?” 

Kuvings has literally upgraded the way that I can juice and incorporate it into my lifestyle. We leave it on the counter now because it’s just part of what we do. I use it for my breakfast, and my lunch for three days of the week. My family goes in the refrigerator and just grabs bottles. 

Sometimes life can get busy, so I keep my cooler in the backseat, then I’ll put 3 juices in the cooler. It makes life easier. It makes life on the go easier.

It’s been good in all of those areas, and it’s really helped me to be able to live this lifestyle versus juicing every now and then. Now I’m able to incorporate juicing into my life. 

Kuvings Customer Review: Adrianne pours herself a glass of fresh juice. 

The Best Part

I think overall the best part of my Kuvings juicer is the experience, and the yield that I get back from it.

Using the juicer is something that I actually look forward to. It’s convenient. I can take it out, make a juice, and put it away in 20 or 25 minutes. And I could not do that before. 

My EVO820—the yield I get is almost double what I got from my previous juicer. The size of the chute cut down on my prep time by leaps and bounds. So it wasn’t so much chopping everything up to get it into bits to go into the juicer. And it’s quiet, so if my family’s in bed, they don’t hear the juicer when I’m in the kitchen.

And the taste is more crisp—it’s almost like your taste is in 3D.

Easy Cleanup

Cleanup is a cinch. That was one of the things I really dreaded when pulling out the previous juicer. I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is going to be such a task.” I started fighting with the juicer when it got older. 

My cleaning process now takes maybe 10 minutes. Because everything literally just rinses out. When I break it down, I just put it in some soapy water, and I rinse it and everything comes off.

New Energy

It’s really helped to improve my lifestyle overall, health-wise. I feel better in the morning. I notice that when I wasn’t juicing, I didn’t have the same energy or vigor in the morning. 

I think I realized, too, that the best way to have your juice is on an empty stomach. So, I stopped putting coffee in first thing in the morning and decided to have the juice. Then there’s not a fast fall from having coffee, where at noon, I’m making my way back to the coffee machine to make another cup. I just don’t have those lulls in energy when I’m juicing.

My Advice

Go for Kuvings. I will tell anyone emphatically: if you want to incorporate juicing into your lifestyle, not make juice every now and then, but if you want to incorporate it into your lifestyle, I know my EVO820 has made it very easy for me to do that. It’s taken away the ability to make any excuses. 

I learned that it’s an investment. No, it’s not a $99 juicer. However, can your $99 juicer do this? It was worth every dime that we spent on it because it is efficient, it is easy to clean up, you get more bang for your buck with regards to the yield and the fruit, and you don’t use as much time. 

The EVO820 is an amazing machine. And it’s an experience to use it, it’s a joy to use it, and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to live a healthier lifestyle easily.

Kuvings Customer Review: In her free time, Adrianne loves to read.

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