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What to Do with Juice Pulp & Nut Milk Pulp

Don't throw out your pulp! Reduce waste by using your pulp for smoothies, breads, muffins, desserts, soups, and more. 

What can you do with leftover juice and nut milk pulp? It’s a commonly asked question from juicing beginners and pros alike. To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled the internet’s best pulp ideas and recipes into one convenient list.

Juice contains soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar levels, among other benefits. Pulp consists of insoluble fiber, which adds bulk to your stool.

If you don’t want to toss the pulp, simply store it in the freezer until you're ready to make one of these creative juice pulp recipes.

There are plenty more pulp recipes out there. If you have other ideas of what you can make with juice pulp, share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.


Pulp from a Kuvings juicer is dry and doesn't need to be dehydrated for baked goods. It easily mixes into the batter for quick and easy usage.

Juice Pulp Muffin Recipes

    Juice & Oat Pulp Cake Recipes

    Juice & Nut Pulp Bread Recipes

    Nut Pulp Cookie Recipes

    Juice Pulp Brownie Recipes

    Juice Pulp Pie Recipe

    Juice Pulp Oats Recipe


    Whether it’s a plate of healthy pancakes, waffles, or a hearty spoonful of soup, all three are delicious ways to add more insoluble fiber to your meals.

    Juice & Nut Pulp Pancake Recipes

    Juice Pulp Waffle Recipes

    Juice Pulp Soup Recipes

    Veggie “Meat”

    Juice pulp burgers and meatballs make for an easy plant-based meal. Crunchy, veggie-packed fritters taste great in wraps, rice bowls, salads, and more.

    Juice Pulp Burger Recipes

    Juice Pulp Meatball Recipes

    Juice Pulp Fritters Recipes


    Rather than reaching for the chips, use your pulp for healthy crackers, bars, bites, and more. Pulp snacks are another great way to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

    Juice & Nut Pulp Cracker Recipes

    Nut Pulp Bars & Bites Recipes

    Juice & Nut Pulp Granola Recipes

        Juice Pulp Fruit Leather Recipe

        Juice Pulp Coleslaw Recipe

          Juice Pulp Popsicles

            Dips, Sauces, & Condiments

            Any dip or sauce that has some added texture is a perfect opportunity to use pulp! If you want a recipe that has the pulp as a sole ingredient, try the seasoning and breadcrumbs recipes!

            Juice & Nut Pulp Dip Recipes

            Juice Pulp Sauce Recipes

            Nut Pulp Vegan Cheese Recipe

            Juice Pulp Seasoning Recipe

            Juice Pulp Breadcrumbs Recipe

              Alternative Flours & Powders

              All pulp can be dehydrated and processed into a powder. Powders are useful for cooking or baking and can be used as a nutritional boost in other beverages. 

              Nut Pulp Almond Flour Recipe

              Nut Pulp Almond Meal Recipe

              Juice Pulp Green Powder Recipe


              We love juice, but we love other beverages too. Drink your juice and then use your fruit and veggie pulp to make smoothies and tea!

                Juice Pulp Smoothie Recipes

                Juice Pulp Tea Recipe

                For Animals & Plants

                Pulp doesn’t just have to be for people! It can be used for feeding animals and cultivating healthier soil too!

                Juice & Nut Pulp Dog Treat Recipes

                Animal Food

                You can feed the pulp straight from the juicer to your pets or animals like chickens, birds, and bunnies. Make sure that the ingredients are safe for animals to consume before giving the pulp to them.


                If you want to reuse juice pulp in seconds, simply add it to your compost pile. Your plants will thank you!

                Do you have more juice pulp and nut milk pulp recipe ideas? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.