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Learn how Kuvings brings healthy living to people across the nation.

“The Kuvings REVO830 makes juicing fibrous vegetables, like carrots and celery, a breeze!” -@askdebbieabouthair
Shanna's Story

Shanna's Story

Shanna wanted to continue managing her chronic hives through juicing but with a new juicer that could support two juicing sessions daily and do so with ease. That juicer is Kuvings REVO830.
Germaine's Story

Germaine's Story

What started as Germaine wanting to make homemade apple juice for her daughter turned into juicing for her friends, family, and colleagues. Bulk juicing became possible because of her Kuvings CS600.
Natalie for Kuvings Meet Our Customers

Natalie's Story

In Natalie’s journey into becoming a holistic nutritionist and detoxification specialist, she discovered Kuvings. Since buying her Kuvings C7000 about 6-7 years ago, it’s held up like it’s still new.
Belinda's Story

Belinda's Story

Belinda started juicing for her large family because she wanted to provide them with healthy, fresh juice. Her passion for juicing bloomed into buying both EVO820 and REVO830 and juicing for her town.
Sabrina drinking out of her beet juice made with Kuvings CS700

Sabrina's Story

Sabrina is the founder and owner of Juice and Salt, a juice delivery service in New York City. After experiencing her own health challenges, Sabrina began selling juices for specific health needs.
Inesssa's feature image for Kuvings Customer feature story

Inessa's Story

Inessa relieved her intense inflammation over 4 years ago by juicing every day. After trying multiple juicers, including a restaurant-grade machine, her Kuvings EVO820 gave her the best juice.
Picture of Adrianne, Kuvings customer

Adrianne's Story

Adrianne juiced with high-speed juicers for nearly a decade, but their problems always outweighed their product. When she made the switch to a Kuvings EVO820, Adrianne started living a healthier life.
fresh green juice in front of two kuvings chef juicers

Hometown Coffee & Juice Using the Kuvings Commercial Chef Juicer

Kuvings sat down with the owners of Hometown Coffee & Juice, Lou and Julie, to talk about the success of their business using the Kuvings Commercial Chef Juicer.
"This juicer is so quiet. Love that I can juice a whole apple if I want. It’s definitely a wonderful investment for your health." - @ligiasfreshbowls

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