Belinda's Story

Belinda's Story

Belinda started juicing for her large family because she wanted to provide them with healthy, fresh juice. Her passion for juicing bloomed into buying both EVO820 and REVO830 and juicing for her town.

Meet Belinda!

Location: Nashville, TN
Products She Uses: EVO820, REVO830
Favorite Juicing Ingredients: Kale, apples, pineapples, lemons, cucumbers

Introducing Juice at Home

I’m a stay-at-home mom, homeschool mom, and soccer mom to my 5 kids. My priority is ensuring that what I bring to the table for my kids is nourishing, and I found that one of the ways I could do that was through juicing.

My family wasn't super big on juice prior. We're a water-drinking family and very rarely drank store-bought orange juice. I knew if I was going to officially introduce juice to my family, I wanted to make juice fresh at home, so I bought a juicer.

My High-Speed Juicer

My old juicer didn’t support my juicing ambitions. It couldn't chop ingredients well, pulp got caught in between everything, and the juice was pulpy. It made a mess and was hard to clean.

Overall, my old juicer didn't make juicing easy. I didn’t feel motivated to continue to juice with it, so it ended up getting hidden away in a cabinet and barely got used.

Instagram’s Influence

Rather than abandoning the idea of juicing, I decided to look for a new juicer. I saw many influencers using juicers on Instagram, but @thecurly_vegan stood out to me in particular. Through Jocelyn’s videos, I could clearly see the entire juicing process and how easy juicing was with a Kuvings.

You see the fruits and vegetables being crushed and pressed, pulp coming out of one spout, and juice coming out of the other. There’s no mess. It’s amazing.

I asked Jocelyn for advice because while I liked what I saw of Kuvings slow juicers, I didn't want to rule out other slow juicers. She told me that Kuvings slow juicers are the best because they have stable and durable motor bases and their parts look and feel high-quality. These aspects sold me on Kuvings!

Jocelyn and Kuvings made me feel inspired to juice, a feeling I didn’t have with my old juicer. Everything together told me that Kuvings has to be it.

Juicing with EVO820

Since I already had a juicer and Kuvings juicers are pricier, I had to talk with my husband about the purchasing decision. He wasn’t fully convinced that a Kuvings juicer was worth the buy, but he gave me the green light to purchase it. I sold my old juicer and bought my EVO820 in May 2022.

The EVO820 proved its point to my husband! He was so amazed and so was I about everything the juicer can do. We both agree that EVO820 is 100%worth the investment because the juice is super clean and smooth. There’s little to no pulp in the juice. Everything comes out mess-free, so cleaning is super simple. It juices everything so well, and the entire process is easy.

I even bought the citrus attachment a month and a half later because my husband loves orange juice. The citrus attachment makes juicing oranges and other citrus so easy because I don’t have to peel them. My EVO820 is everything my old high-speed juicer wasn’t.

Belinda with her white Kuvings REVO830

Expanding My Kuvings Collection

When the REVO830 came out, I really wanted it because of its auto-cut chute, but I didn’t have a good excuse to get a second Kuvings juicer.

But one day, I got recognized at the farmer’s market as “the juice lady” on Instagram. I post the juices I make for my family on my Instagram account, and the person thought I ran a juice business and didn’t know I was only juicing for my family.

This interaction, plus encouragement from my kids, led me to expand who I juice for from just my family to my town. This decision was the perfect excuse to get REVO830.

Juicing for My Community

People in my town had little to no knowledge of juicing, partially because there wasn't a cold-pressed juice shop in our town. But through my juicing endeavors, I get to teach people about juicing, provide them with fresh juice, and promote Kuvings.

I have a little refrigerator in a marketplace where I store the 12-16 juices I make weekly. I also continue to juice at home for my family, so I juice about 4 times a week. I’m very grateful that I have two trusty juicers to help me juice for my family and my community.

Juicing's Positive Impact

While I didn’t start juicing for a specific health concern, I reaped the unexpected benefits of juicing. One day at a doctor’s appointment, I was told that my blood pressure was normal. This was something I hadn't heard in a long time because I consistently had high blood pressure. I knew I lowered my blood pressure through juicing because it was the only thing I changed in my lifestyle.

As for my family, they love that we can make juice at home. My kids feel satiated and have more energy, better skin, and improved well-being. I even have a grandson who loves taste-testing juice, so I call him over to try some of my recipes.

I started juicing for my family, and I’m happy that I now get to also juice for my community. What made me feel demotivated and uninspired before has now made me feel really good and heartfelt. I would’ve never had this change of heart if it wasn’t for my Kuvings.

Belinda and her family on a hike

Want to join Belinda's juicing journey? Follow her on Instagram, and explore EVO820 and REVO830.

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