Germaine's Story

Germaine's Story

What started as Germaine wanting to make homemade apple juice for her daughter turned into juicing for her friends, family, and colleagues. Bulk juicing became possible because of her Kuvings CS600.

Meet Germaine!

Location: Chicago, IL
Product She Uses: CS600
Favorite Juicing Ingredient: Apples

Store-Bought vs. Homemade Juice

Before my Kuvings CS600, I was using a cheaper slow juicer from a different brand for about a year. I started juicing with it because I wanted to make homemade apple juice for my daughter. 

About 3-4 years ago, my daughter was getting sick from drinking store-bought apple juice. I figured that it must be one of those added, unfamiliar ingredients in store-bought juices, so I wanted to see if making apple juice from juicing raw apples would be better for her. It was! Not only was my daughter no longer getting sick from the store-bought apple juice, but I also could ensure that we were consuming healthier, safer ingredients.

I concluded that homemade juices are much better than store-bought juices and stopped buying juice from the store. I now make juice exclusively at home with raw ingredients.

Although I had a slow juicer to make my homemade juices, it didn’t extract juice that well. I remember juicing black grapes, and the pulp was so wet that I had to run it through the juicer again. Pulp constantly got everywhere in the juicer, so juicing with it always was very messy, which made it harder to clean.

Buying a Kuvings

My first encounter with Kuvings was a few years ago at the International Home + Housewares Show (now called The Inspired Home Show). My daughter was working as an intern for the International Housewares Association and invited me to attend the show. I walked by the Kuvings booth and stopped to watch their juicer demonstration. 

I thought Kuvings’ demonstration was fantastic and became fascinated with their slow juicers. While I loved what I saw, I wasn’t ready to buy a juicer yet. I needed to do some more research and save some money first.

I work as an assistant store manager at Marshalls and do the merchandising for the store. Because of the nature of my job, I am very knowledgeable about housewares and appliances. I also pride myself on being a big researcher, so I did a lot of research on Kuvings and eventually purchased CS600 in March 2021.

Discovering the Kuvings CS600 and seeing how well it extracted juice from ingredients showed me that I needed to upgrade to a Kuvings.

Why I Love My CS600 Commercial Juicer

I bought CS600, one of Kuvings’ commercial slow juicers, because I juice every other day and for a lot of people. What started as juicing for my daughter turned into juicing for family, friends, and colleagues. People I know buy produce and bring it to me to juice for them, so I do a lot of bulk juicing.

The Kuvings CS600 allows me to juice very large quantities without turning off the juicer because it has a motor that can operate for up to 24 hours. It doesn’t clog. It also has two topsets, so I can alternate between recipes easily without having to stop and wash my juicer each time. Even then, washing CS600 is not a hassle; I find it super easy. Overall, doing the amount of juicing that I do for the number of people I do it for would not be possible without my CS600.

Germaine pouring juice from her CS600

Sharing Kuvings with Others

Because of my passion for juicing, I love promoting Kuvings, specifically the CS600, to everyone I know. I bring my juices to work, and all my colleagues love the taste. One of my colleagues purchased CS600 because she was dealing with weight issues like myself and wanted to start juicing. I even gifted a unit for my daughter just this year! 

In addition to personal connections, I'm a member of multiple Facebook groups centered around wellness, and I recommend Kuvings to those groups as well.

Quality Over Quantity

The only criticism I ever received was from a member of one of the Facebook groups saying that the juicer was “too expensive”. I thought it was expensive too when I first saw it at the Housewares Show, but I knew it would be a matter of quality over quantity

I thought to myself, “I can buy one really good juicer at a higher price tag or buy multiple cheaper juicers with short life spans that will eventually surpass the cost of one really good juicer.” The CS600 is my 'one really good juicer'.

In my research, I also learned that Kuvings offers payment plans. Using a payment plan made it convenient for me to purchase the juicer, so I did. I’m so happy with my purchase because I’ve never had any issues with my CS600. 

Importance of Health

While I started juicing for my daughter and to create a healthy version of juices at home, juicing has provided me with health benefits. I used to have poor eating habits, high blood pressure, and active Crohn’s disease. Both of my parents went through triple bypass surgeries, and I recently lost my dad to bad kidney health. I realized how important health is after experiencing poor health myself and witnessing it in my family.

I learned that juicing is one of the ways I can be healthier. Because of juicing, I'm in Crohn’s disease remission, have more energy, lost weight, and lowered my blood pressure, all without medication. My doctors have even noticed the positive differences in me.

Juicing has become very therapeutic, and I love that I can juice for myself and many others with my Kuvings.

Germaine cooking

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