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Hometown Coffee & Juice Using the Kuvings Commercial Chef Juicer

Kuvings sat down with the owners of Hometown Coffee & Juice, Lou and Julie, to talk about the success of their business using the Kuvings Commercial Chef Juicer.

Lou and Julie, owners of Hometown Coffee & Juice, talk about the success of their business using the Kuvings Commercial Chef Juicer.

They did their research and asked friends and family what they would want in a juice cafe. Cold press juice was the million-dollar answer. When it came to making a decision on which brand to use, they chose Kuvings for its simplicity. From minimal preparation of ingredients to efficient juicing to easy cleaning.

The Commercial Chef crushes whole ingredients slowly through the juicer, preserving all nutrients possible as no heat is generated. It’s the perfect system for customers who are health concious and looking for ways to keep healthy while being out and about, running errands. For the most part cafes are relatively small, so a quiet juicer was a must-have. They love that customers can’t hear what’s going on behind the counter. They’re able to talk amongst themselves and enjoy the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of the cafe.

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Powerful. Quiet. Efficient.

“We paid for the quality. It’s a good investment for our business and we get a really good juice out of it. Our biggest concern was the process from making the juice, to cleaning the juicer, and sanitizing, but Kuvings takes the worry out of it.”

Lou and Julie weren’t experts in juicing before opening the cafe, although working with Kuvings has helped them become one. They witnesses the force of the machine crushing and squeezing every last bit of juice out of the ingredients. They see’s how the juice doesn’t separate as customers lounge and sip on their juice as hours pass by. Lou and Julie have strategically chosen Kuvings Commercial Chef for the fact that all nutrients are preserved from the patented masticating technology operating at a slow, non-heat generated pace. They are able to explain this to their customers and confidently provide the best quality cold pressed juice.

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Other juicers considered were designed for large batching. Although batching can be convenient, their vision was to provide 100% fresh made to order juice. They love that Kuvings can easily operate as a single batch, cold press juicer and that they’re able to focus on providing the most nutritious juice every single time. The juicing bowl holds up to 16 oz when keeping the smart cap closed, which is perfect for made to order items. Customers are only waiting a few minutes for their juice as each one is made the moment the order is rung in.

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A Communal Environment.

The vision of Hometown Coffee & Juice was to create a space where people can go and feel like they belong. They were adamant in making the cafe more of a communal than a transactional place. They feel as though serving fresh juice is a great way to keep that communal environment.

“We find that juice can fill a gap in a day. You can have it in the morning, afternoon or early evening. There’s really no limitation on when the right or wrong time to have one is.” 

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Hometown Coffee & Juice is growing and Lou and Julie are taking it at an intentional pace. With plans in the future for a third location, they know they need to work with companies that support their products, and they’ve expressed that Kuvings has offered the support they need.

“We need a company to support the product and Kuvings has done a good job of that.”

Hometown Coffee & Juice is a high functioning cafe, going through a fair amount of wear and tear, resulting in replacement parts from time to time. Lou & Julie have been thankful for Kuvings loyal and attentive customer service in attending to their requests promptly.

Kuvings Commercial Chef is appreciated by the customers who walk in, all the way to the employees in the back of the house. It’s quick and easy for the employees to get the hang of the juicing routine.

“That’s the advantage of Kuvings. There’s no learning curve and it's simple to learn.”

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