Shanna's Story

Shanna's Story

Shanna wanted to continue managing her chronic hives through juicing but with a new juicer that could support two juicing sessions daily and do so with ease. That juicer is Kuvings REVO830.

Meet Shanna!

Location: New York, NY
Product She Uses: REVO830
Favorite Juicing Ingredients: Celery, apples, carrots, oranges, grapefruits

Discovering My Chronic Hives

About 4-5 years ago, I was having a meal while on vacation. As I was eating, my stomach felt like it was exploding. It was a feeling I’d never felt before, and I had no idea what was causing it. Despite this weird feeling, I continued my regular diet. I bought food from the store, cooked, and ate whatever I wanted.

I knew something was wrong when I started developing welts on my face and had sensitivity to just about everything I consumed. It got to the point where I went cold turkey, only ate white rice and spinach, and still experienced itching. I went to every doctor you can think of dermatologists, allergists, etc., and they would either tell me to go to a different type of doctor or that I was fine and could continue my regular diet. It wasn’t until one allergist officially diagnosed me with chronic hives that I finally got answers.

A Complete 180

Once diagnosed with chronic hives, I was recommended to go on medication, but I wanted to seek more natural, alternative treatments. This led me to do extensive research and change everything about my diet. I’m now on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. I don’t eat leftovers or buy any frozen food or anything with preservatives. I make everything, down to my spices and seasonings, from scratch.

One day on a trip to the grocery store, I met a woman in the dairy-free section. We started talking about my chronic hives, and she recommended I read a book on celery juice and try juicing. I finished the book that same day and decided that I needed to start juicing immediately.

My First Juicer

Out of convenience, I bought a high-speed juicer the next day. While it did its job for one to two years, I started to notice that the pulp was very wet and would get everywhere in the juicer. I’m a stay-at-home mom; despite having time to spend at home, I didn’t want to waste it running my pulp through the juicer multiple times and cleaning every nook and cranny.

Since my chronic hives didn't allow me to bulk juice, I wanted a juicer that would be quick and easy to use and produce dry pulp. So I decided it was time to invest in a new and better juicer.

Making the Switch

Lo and behold, Instagram knew what I wanted and started showing me juicer ads. Out of all the juicer ads I saw, Kuvings spoke to me because I saw how easy it is to use and was amazed by the results portrayed in the ads.

I was proven correct when I purchased and started juicing with my REVO830 in November 2022. My old juicer has been tucked away in my basement since, while my Kuvings is beautifully displayed on my kitchen counter!

The only time I had to pull out my old juicer was when the juicing bowl on my REVO830 cracked. I contacted customer service about the issue, and I received a new juicing bowl free of charge within 2 days. I was so happy with the quick and excellent service!

Shanna with a glass of celery juice and her Kuvings REVO830

My Daily Juicing Routine

I wake up around 7 a.m. every morning and make 16 oz. of celery juice. To help clean out my juicer, I drop a quarter of a lemon in my juicer with some water. This doubles as lemon water for me to drink while I work out and swim. To hydrate myself post-workout, I do another juicing session of apples, carrots, oranges, and grapefruits. As for all the pulp, I use it for my garden.

Why I Love My REVO830

As someone who juices twice a day, every day, saying I use my juicer a lot is an understatement. Aside from the juicing bowl issue, I’ve never had any other problems with my REVO830.

I love that REVO830 has auto-cutting capabilities; it makes prep and juicing go much faster. The pulp is super dry, and everything is nice and contained.

I taste the difference between the juice from my old juicer and the juice from my Kuvings. Kuvings juices are much richer and better tasting.

My Current Health Status

After changing my diet and introducing juicing into my lifestyle, my face started clearing up after only a couple of weeks. I was so happy to see positive results from a solution I found for myself. My body knew what was good for me and what wasn’t, and it not only showed on my inside but also on my outside.

Even though my main goal with juicing was to manage my chronic hives, I also noticed other positive benefits from juicing. I’m much happier, more energetic, and have younger-looking skin.

Going Forward

I'm currently in the process of reentering the workforce after over 20 years of being a stay-at-home mom. I was previously an assistant treasurer at the Bank of New York until the events of 9/11 caused me to take a step back and focus on raising my two daughters. Now that both of my daughters are in college, I feel that it’s time for me to restart my career in the food/finance industry.

During this process, I was lucky enough to be part of a Ready4Work documentary that shares a bit of the story you read just now and shows my juicing as part of my daily life. While I know reentering the workforce will change my lifestyle, I can confidently say that juicing with my Kuvings will always be part of my daily routine.

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