Kuvings creates juicers and blenders to make healthy living easier, specifically, by increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Our products’ unique, innovative designs make the juicing process more convenient for users.

A few facts: 

  • Kuvings has 44 years of experience creating small kitchen appliances. Our global headquarters is in South Korea, where the company started.
  • Kuvings was the first company to patent the low-speed masticating technology equipped with a wide-mouth feed chute.
  • Our original Whole Slow Juicer was selected as the top slow juicer by Consumer Reports
  • Kuvings is pronounced "Koo-vings."
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Brand voice: 

  • Our brand has an upbeat, lighthearted tone

Posting guide:

  • No profanity, false or misleading health information
  • Hashtags: #kuvings #kuvingsusa #lovemykuvings
  • Tag on all social media. Use @kuvingsusa
  • Use the official name of the product
    • Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer REVO830
    • Kuvings Hand-Free Juicer AUTO10
  • Use terminology in the manual when referring to the juicer’s parts

Call to action suggestions: 

  • If applicable, share the discount code with the current sales term and affiliate link. (LinkinBio or Linktree works really well!) 
  • Free shipping to the contiguous US 
  • Payment plans available 

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