If you wish, you can include a tracking value in each ShareASale link you generate. For instance, you can create one ShareASale link for Linktree and another for YouTube. This way, you can monitor the traffic source of your clicks or sales to gain better insights into where these actions originate most frequently.

To do this, please follow the instruction below. If you are creating more than 1 tracking value, you would just have to repeat these.
  1. Please go to ShareASale custom link page

  2. Click GET LINKS
  3. Then select 'Create Custom Links'

  4. Paste the URL of the page you want to send your customers to. This will either be a product page or your personalized page. Click CREATE CUSTOM LINK
  5. Under 'Optional - Add a Tracking Value' headline, include a tracking value such as the source (ex. youtube) of the video being posted to. Click UPDATE LINK. 

  6. You now have the ShareASale link that can track the value you added. Place in where applicable and repeat this process if you are creating multiple tracking values. You can also generate short link for this custom link.