Pomegranate Juice

EVO820 juicer and a glass of pomegranate juice on a counter

Because of their high concentration of antioxidants, pomegranates have anti-inflammatory effects. 

Drinking pomegranate juice regularly can help improve digestion, lower your risk of heart disease, and help fight certain cancers. 


  • 2 medium pomegranates

Serves 1. 

Product Needed

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer, assembled with the juicing strainer. 


  1. Remove the pomegranate seeds from the rind.
  2. Juice the pomegranate seeds, adding seeds to the juicer slowly, one portion at a time. Allow the juicer to process each portion before adding additional seeds.
  3. Serve chilled.


To remove seeds from the pomegranate, make a shallow cut around the top of the fruit. Use your fingers to remove the cut piece. Cut pomegranate into shallow wedges, following the lines of the star-shaped white pith. Carefully pull wedges apart to expose the seeds.

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