pear lemonade in glass cup with slices of lemon, mint and ice

Pear Lemonade

pear lemonade recipe

Pears add a sweet and antioxidant-rich boost to this refreshing lemonade. Both lemons and pears are excellent sources of vitamin C. 


  • 2 medium pears
  • 2 medium lemons 
  • 1 sprig of basil
  • 1 tbsp honey or agave syrup

Product Needed

Slow juicer, assembled with the juicing strainer.


  1. Cut ingredients into sizes that will fit the juicer’s chute.
  2. Juice ingredients, alternating for best results. Slowly add ingredients to the juicer one piece at a time. Allow the juicer to process each piece before adding more ingredients.
  3. Stir in honey or agave syrup to finished juice. Serve chilled.

Serves 2. 

Did You Know?

The pectin in pear lowers cholesterol level and promotes gut health.