Sabrina drinking out of her beet juice made with Kuvings CS700

Sabrina's Story

Sabrina is the founder and owner of Juice and Salt, a juice delivery service in New York City. After experiencing her own health challenges, Sabrina began selling juices for specific health needs.

Meet Sabrina!

Location: New York, NY
Products She Uses: CS700, EVO820
Favorite Juicing Ingredients: Orange, kiwi, celery, beets, cilantro

Why I Juice

I started juicing in the summer of 2017 because I was at a point in my health where I could not digest food—even smoothies were too much food for me.

I contracted a virus in January of 2015, and it caused, in addition to neuromuscular and cognitive deficits, systemic problems with just about every involuntary process in my body. Heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, sleep, vascularity, and other processes. Essentially, my brain was not telling my body to digest food.

And I, through my own trial and error, recognized that juice was not only easy to digest, but it would also give me the bioavailable vitamins and minerals that I wasn’t going to get anywhere else.

Juice is highly customizable. If you have histamine intolerance and can’t have lemons or spinach, both of which are high in histamines, you can create your own juices. I started juicing because I needed that control over what I was and was not able to have.


Why I Started My Business

I had to figure out how to make juices for myself with ingredients I could have, which was a dwindling number of ingredients. But if I went to a juice place in the city, I simply could not find a juice I could have.

That is because very common juice ingredients are high in histamines and FODMAPs. I was seeing generic labels on bottles that said, “gut green juice,” or “red immunity juice,” and I would think about how histamine tolerance, for example, is mediated by your immune system. So if you say, “red immunity juice,” and it has lemon and spinach in it, that’s not gonna work for this immune system. If you say, “gut green juice,” and it has apples and celery, which are high in FODMAP carbohydrates, that’s not gonna work for someone with IBS.

And I found that to be problematic, in light of the fact that the cold press juice industry is predicated on health and healing and yet it is not catering to very, very common conditions. 

So, in 2018 I started an Instagram account, where I would take photos of my juice with captions like, “This juice is good for iron deficiency. Vitamin C increases iron absorption fourfold.” The photos caught on, and I got excited by that.

When I was ready to start working again in January of 2020, I started selling juices.

Kuvings Customer review: Sabrina's bottled juice

I did significant research on a masticating commercial juicer. I needed a commercial juicer to go with the commercial kitchen, and I wanted a masticating juicer because it increases the longevity of the juice. Kuvings kept having the best ratings. And the ratings were indicative of producing a very low-pulp, smooth juice. Those were the things I was looking for. 

I got my first Kuvings juicer, which is my CS700. And then I got the EVO820 one week later, because it was clear that Kuvings surpassed the juicer that I was using previously.

Now, I sell 14 juices for high blood pressure, low blood pressure, insulin resistance, iron deficiency, IBS and the low FODMAP diet, histamine intolerance and the low histamine diet, and I make them with my CS700. 

I can make, and sell, and deliver juices twice a week by virtue of the fact that juices from Kuvings juicers last three days, since it’s a masticating juicer. For myself, I use my EVO820 home juicer many times a week.Kuvings Customer review: Sabrina and her CS700

Why I Love My CS700 Commercial Juicer

First of all, you have such a workhorse that produces such a delicate juice, and you really do see the difference. I can put more produce in my CS700 than I could my previous juicer, and it produces a far more delicate juice with less pulp. The other thing is, I find Kuvings products far easier to clean, and thirdly, Kuvings products work consistently.

A friend of mine got a Kuvings juicer, and I was talking to her, elated that she had gotten it. I was like, “Are you using the light green cleaning tool?” Because this is a cleaning tool that just does not exist with other companies that I’ve found. And it cleans the hardest to clean piece of any juicer.

My CS700 just keeps working, and it keeps working well and produces such high quality juice. It’s just a joy to use.

Kuvings Customer review:  Sabrina shops at her favorite greenmarket

Life-Changing Results

I think juice saved me. It’s changed my life, because it helped me get my life back.

Years of juicing, I’m positive, eradicated my histamine intolerance, to the point where I have to really try to eat a ton of histamines to feel histamine intolerance at all. It absolutely reduced my inflammation.

In addition to that, looking past some of the health needs I used to have, juice absolutely increased my mental clarity, energy, and alertness. It makes me feel good. I would hope everyone who drinks juice would feel the same way.

My juices are not curative, so I am not saying that it is true for everyone, but I am positive that by virtue of the ease of digestion and the very tailored combinations that you can do with any juice, it absolutely gave me my life back by making my body so much healthier.


A Healthier Future

Healthy living to me means only doing the things that are best for you—emotionally, physically, or otherwise. 

Whether it’s my personal or commercial juicers, having juicers that allow me to get such a high quality product more easily is going to help me fulfill that goal for my own life and hopefully for other people’s. 

Kuvings Customer review:  Sabrina in yoga position drinking juice

Want to juice like Sabrina? Try one of Sabrina's recipes, and explore what you can do with the EVO820 and the CS700.

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